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Table Options

Since all of our furniture is built as it is ordered, we are able to give our customers some unique personalization options. See below for all of the different ways you can customize your solid wood table.

Table Top Distressing

#40 distressed table top
#40 - The small scratches left by this technique are best shown on cherry or maple. The effect is amplified by dark stains. The resulting finish is very attractive and yet very family friendly, as those small dents and scratches from everyday use seem to disappear into the finish.

Hand-drawn - Also called Draw Knife Distressing, this surface treatment is produced by pulling a thin draw knife across the wood.  The result is a series of shallow grooves across the surface of the table, which create a mildly dated look.  Especially eye catching on cherry wood table tops; hand-drawn distressing is a light distressing option that (as with all of our distressing options) does not compromise the surface stability of the table.
 Light Vintage - Light vintage distressing has some small dents, scratches, and simulated worm holes. This is a great distressing option for those who like a slightly antiqued look and texture, but aren't looking for deep scrapes and dents. Compare light and heavy vintage to see what the difference is, and which you prefer. 
 Heavy Vintage - Heavy vintage distressing has many dents, scratches, worm holes, and scrapes. This is a great distressing option for those who want a very well worn or antique look. The heavy vintage look is often used on our rustic furniture line. Compare light and heavy vintage to see what the difference is, and which you prefer. 
 Hand-planed - Designed to look like a tabled finished in our colonial past, this medium heavy distressing technique is created by using a hand-planer on a smooth table surface.  The hand-planer is applied in a in a spot fashion, so each resulting top features a uniquely distressed pattern.  

rustic cherry amish style distressing
Rustic Smooth Top - This Amish style table top distressing technique involves selecting boards that include small knots and sapwood. These tops have color and slight texture variations, and are perfect for those who are looking for a "light" rustic look. See pictures of the rustic smooth top distressing used on a table HERE  

rustic plank amish style distressing
Rustic Plank Top - Our rustic plank table tops are very similar to the rustic smooth top tables in the way the boards are selected,by selecting those with knots and sapwood. The key difference between the two is that  that the boards in rustic plank tops have clearly visible division between neighboring boards, where the rustic smooth top does not. See pictures of rustic plank top distressing and how it looks on a table HERE  
ranchwood-barnwood table top distressing

Ranchwood - This distressing option features rough sawn boards with massive knots and splits; think reclaimed barnwood replicated using new and treated wood.   This textured top lends itself beautifully to great rooms and lodges, although it would also accent any just about any room nicely. This technique is often paired with pigmented lacquer to make a bold statement piece. See more pictures of ranchwood distressing and what it looks like on a table HERE 

Table Skirt Options

 Scalloped scalloped style aprons
 Shaker shaker style aprons
 Mission mission style aprons

Table Edge Options

 mission table edge 3/8 ogee table edge 1/4
Mission3/8" Quarter Round Ogee 1/4" Quarter Round 

Table Leg Options (2 1/2", 3", & 4")

 mission or arts & crafts wood leg  santa fe wood leg swept leg tapered leg butte leg henry's fork leg turned wood leg
 Mission Santa Fe Swept Tapered Butte Henry's Fork Turned

Table Pedestal Options 

Single Pedestal Tables

 empire turned pedestal basesquare pedestal base cabriole base 
 Empire BaseSquare BaseCabriole Base

Double Pedestal Tables

 empire double pedestal table basedouble pedestal table square trestle base cabriole trestle base double pedestal table 
 Empire Trestle BaseSquare Trestle BaseCabriole Trestle Base

Other Pedestal Options 

Feet Options

Center Trestle Options

Empire Foot

Bar Base Center 

square pedestal foot
 arts & crafts or mission base center for trestle table

Square Foot
(available only with the square base)

Mission Base Center
(runs from underneath the top of the table to the trestle bar on the base)

Claw Foot  

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