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Furniture Highlight: The Shaker Hutch & Buffet

The Shaker Hutch & Buffet 

When it comes to solid wood furniture, we’ve been making it for years. That means we know a classic when we see one. But what about when someone puts a spin on a classic? 

We’re all about that too. That’s why we decided to highlight the shaker hutch & buffet. We love the classic stained look that most orders are placed in, but we also think the paint and stain color combination turned out great. With the SH-42 Shaker Hutch & Buffet, it’s all about options. 

The Shaker Hutch & Buffet comes standard with a real wood plank back that shows a line separating the boards behind the shelves. It also comes standard with adjustable glass shelves and a light. 

Here’s where the options kick in 

long door or short door shaker hutch
  1. The first big choice is what kind of hutch top to get. We have two to pick from, both of which feature mullion doors (or doors that have decorative vertical and horizontal dividers that break up the look of the glass). 
    • The first is a long door hutch, which is completely closed in with doors. 
    • The second is a short door hutch, which has an opening in between the bottom of the hutch doors and the top of the buffet. 
  2. Another thing to consider is if you would prefer a mirror, or a plywood back instead of the real wood plank back that comes standard with the hutch.
  3. You can change out wooden knob hardware for mission style or brass hardware. 
  4. Choose a standard stain color, pick a paint color, or mix them together. This is the fun part, that can also be a little stressful because of the many options. 
  5. Decide if you want rubbed distressing and/or glazing. Rubbed distressing is just what it sounds like. After the piece is finished with color, we rub some of the stain or paint off to expose the wood underneath. This adds a rustic or well worn look to the finished piece. Glazing is a finish coating that we use that sticks in the wood grain and darkens it. Think of this as another way to add an antique or aged look.

Now you're ready to find a dealer near you, and put in your order. Once it's delivered, we'd love to see a picture, just share it to our Facebook page.

"Harvest" stain

"Tobacco" stain, "White Glazed" paint
long door two tone shaker hutch & buffet

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