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Attention Retailers! See Wholesale Pricing using our Dealer Portal

Find Prices Online: Retail Partners ONLY

Are you a retail partner who’s looking for more information (prices, sizes, and options) on our solid wood furniture line? Have you tried using our Dealer Portal? It was designed with you in mind! In fact, our entire website was. 

The consumer part of the website is what everyone can see. It is designed for the end customer (your customer) to see everything we have to offer. The idea is to reach these consumers, show them our wood furniture line, and let them know where they can get it (from you)!

The Dealer Portal was designed just for retail partners. You can think of it like our online price list. As you know, price lists don’t just have prices. They also list all of the available options for each piece. Login and you’ll find the same information that we have in our price list online. That’s great, because the latest and greatest products (which aren’t yet in our catalog) can be found here, with all of the information you need to sell it to your customer.

Get Started

Each of our retail partners was assigned a username and password. This information was either given to you directly or your Oak Heritage Sales Representative. If you don’t know what your’s is, drop us a line and ask for it. We’re happy to help!

Once you have that, you’re ready to get started. Go to our home page, and click “Dealer Portal” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

use the dealer portal

You’ll be directed to a page where you will enter in your username and password. Once that’s done, hit submit.

A new page will come up that says “Authentication Test, Welcome to the Dealer Area, Click here to proceed”.

login to dealer portal

Once you click, you’ll be in the main search area. Here’s where you can:
  1. Start looking up product details
  2. Update your contact information and login information

To Find Details on Products

Type in their name or number in the search box, and click “find”.
search product pricing

For example, if you’re looking for the Jackson table (one of our newest and best selling), here’s what your search results will look like.


You can either click on the picture of the Jackson Table, or search again above if you didn’t get the right results and would like to try a new search.

If you decide to view the details, you’ll see all of the information that customers do in the "regular view" of the website, as well as "retail partner only" details in blue lettering below. From here, you can click the back button to search again, or click on any of the categories that the Jackson table falls under to see similar products (scroll to the very bottom of the product details and see below). For example: Want to see more dining tables? Click the Category “Dining Tables” to view all of our dining tables.

use categories to search general

Scroll through to see all of our options until you find what you’re looking for, or click one of the other categories above to see only products that fill your specific requirement. Not sure what I mean, click on “trestle tables” to view all of our trestle tables.

example on category search

Then just scroll through and click any picture to see dealer only pricing and details.

trestle tables category results
A few things to remember.
  • You CAN use the back button on your web browser to go back to your search results after viewing a product.
  • You don’t need to know the product name. For example, here are my results for typing in accent tables.
accent table example general term search results

To Update your Contact and Login Information

Go back to the search screen that you saw after typing in your username and password, and clicking to proceed, the dealer portal home page.

Next to the red words “update your listing”, type in your username and password again. IMPORTANT, if you don’t type your username and password in again, your changes will not save. Then click “get my information”.
update contact and login information

Then type in any updates or details you would like customers to see. You can also update your username and password here (which only you can see). 

Then just scroll to the bottom, and hit “update”. Then you’re done! Note: please DO NOT change the Longitude and Latitude listed! That’s how we list your store on our retailer map, and how we show customers where you’re located. We’ve already mapped your location and included it.

save updates on dealer portal

If after reading this you’re still having trouble using the dealer portal, please give Lexie a call. She’ll help get you started, and show you how you can use the Oak Heritage website as your most up to date catalog and price list all in one.

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