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3 Reasons for Furniture Retailers to Sell Online

It used to be that, when someone needed furniture, they went to the Mom and Pop down the street to see what they had. If they didn’t find something there, they tried the Mom and Pop a town over.

Then came the rise of the big box stores, furniture manufacturers who ship across the globe, and online sales that bring furniture from California to Pennsylvania - and vice versa. 

Love it or hate it, the fact is we are now competing in the largest sales environment that we ever have. Are you do everything you can to stay competitive? One simple thing furniture retailers can do? Sell online. 

Here’re just three reasons for furniture retailers to sell online. Get furniture picutres online to drive foot traffic in store

  1. Did you know that 81% of shoppers research online before buying? ~ Retailing Today. If you can’t show them why they should visit your store, you could be missing out on sales.
  2. Online sales drive offline sales. Even though many are searching online, that isn’t the primary way they’re buying. 71% pf people shopping for household goods (i.e. furniture) will find their way to a store to actually make their purchase ~ Statista. That means you can use your online presence to bring more people in your store (and to your expert sales staff)! 
  3. There are a lot of reasons people research online before going to a store. One of the most obvious reasons: TIME! People want to know you have what they’re looking for before they take time for an in store visit.  Help them out by giving them a preview online, and chances are you’ll be rewarded with more foot traffic from qualified buyers. 

"I've never had products online before" 

Just because you haven’t tried something yet, doesn’t mean you never should. Start simple, with a slideshow on your home page. 

"I don't have time to keep updating prices" 

I hear you, prices change with sales, and they’re too complicated/expensive to keep up to date online. Solution: don’t put a price online. Instead of a cart with a checkout, have a “Quote” button that sends an email to you with the customer’s contact information. Then get them your best price ASAP. 

"I don't have the images to put online"

Most manufacturers would be happy to provide some images to go on your website (trust me on this one)!  After all, your increased sales are our increased sales. 

The important thing to remember here isn’t that you’re trying become an online store, it’s that you’re showing people why they should visit your brick and mortar.

Are you an Oak Heritage Retail Partner? 

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