Oak Heritage Inc

Make any Design Rustic!

Don't see the right size or shape you're looking for? You can make any of our designs rustic by changing texture, color, and/or distressing.


Our take on the reclaimed barnwood look without the price tag or the snags.  Rough sawn ranchwood is available on all of our table tops, occasional, huntboards, and buffet tops.


Adds an aged or antique look to your new  piece by accentuating the wood grain. Glazing is often paired with colored lacquers.

Rubbed Distressing

Adds a worn look by rubbing paint or stain off of the areas that would naturally see more wear. The wood tone underneath is allowed to show through in spots. Rubbed distressing if often paired with black pigmented lacquer or paint.

Furniture for living

Nothing holds up through the years quite like our rustic designs. With ranchwood, glazing, and other distressings; these pieces are made with a unique character all their own. Dings and dents through years of use don’t take away from the charm of our rustic line, they add to it.
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